Hi friend! I’m Andriy Vasylenko, a musician and blogger from Ukraine.

My main Youtube channel started in 2014, with mostly Metallica bass covers. And then it gradually turned into a music commentary thing – again, mostly about my favorite band Metallica.

In 2019, we launched MetalliGeek – a video series/podcast with the goal of eventually interviewing Metallica.

A special place of our community is held for Cliff Burton, in the form of Total Cliff tribute.

Besides music blogging, I also compose own music, and lead a geography/history channel (well, I’m a graduated teacher of geography). Plus a channel for random stuff, communities on Telegram and Instagram.

Cheers! Be in metal \m/


Deep Into Hit – Breaking Down Metal Songs

MetalliGeek – (Over)Analyzing Metallica

Compilations (For Riff Nerds)

Total Cliff – Tribute To Cliff Burton

Andriy’s Original Music